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16:56 ronsel
16:57 djahandarie It would make sense since it is a mysql-distributed scrip that removes them
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16:57 djahandarie lol @ that first sentence… “Widenius will die”
16:57 domas heh
16:58 domas nooooeeeees, we need Monty
16:58 tanj maybe someone should add “no petitions” to the topic
16:58 domas even though he causes frustration and despair
16:58 CorticalStack (here we go)
16:58 ronsel whats going on with the monty?
16:58 domas he’s still a nice guy!
16:58 tanj and besides without him we wouldn’t be here today :)
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16:58 ronsel thats for sure!
16:59 ronsel this channel could have a strange name like postgres :-)
16:59 domas tanj: yep, that would be so sad, we’d be in #postgresql ;-)
16:59 domas or some other.
16:59 domas firebird!
16:59 ronsel lol
16:59 tanj hey i’m in #postgresql also
16:59 VoVo64 #nosql
16:59 domas I’m there sometimes too
16:59 TodoInTX tanj: many people have contributed to getting us to where we are today.
16:59 domas they think I’m trolling though and want to ban me
17:00 domas and all I do is careful benchmarking :)
17:00 Isotopp i have a SELECT … FROM t WHERE (room_name_id, language_code ) IN ( ( 153701, “en”) ) yields in a Illegal mix of collations (latin1_swedish_ci,IMPLICIT) and (utf8_general_ci,COERCIBLE) for operation ‘=’
17:00 CorticalStack with perl pack and unpack functions you don’t really need rdbms anyway.
17:00 TodoInTX hehe
17:00 thumbs domas: to be fair, not knowing you, you could come out as a troll.
17:00 Isotopp but SELECT … FROM t WHERE `room_name_id`=153701 AND `language_code` = “en”; works just fine
17:00 tanj TodoInTX: I know. I’m just jumping on the monty bandwagon :=)
17:00 Isotopp is this a mysql tuple equivalency processing problem again?
17:01 domas isotopp: this is coerciveness issue
17:01 thumbs Isotopp: check the collation on both columns.
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17:01 domas isotopp: but probably a bug too
17:01 Isotopp domas: language_code is a latin1 column, and i am on a SET NAMES utf8 connection
17:01 domas isotopp: probably coerciveness doesn’t work that well with IN(())
17:01 Isotopp domas: also, IN ( ( 153701, _latin1 “en”) ) works fine
17:02 domas it assumes that whole ((),(),()) set can have different charsets
17:02 tanj implicit cast in the 2nd case, prolly
17:02 Isotopp domas: but it is unclear to me why the WHERE … AND … works, whereas the IN (()) does not
17:02 domas isotopp: ^^^
17:02 domas my assumption
17:02 domas anyway, bug, file.
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17:02 thumbs assign it to domas
17:02 ronsel !title Save MySQL from ORACLE
17:02 Isotopp thumbs: will do :)
17:03 tanj sounds like “won’t fix”
17:03 domas he can’t
17:03 domas nobody can
17:03 domas I’m not in drop-downs anymore
17:03 domas :(
17:03 thumbs :(
17:03 * domas is a user, just like Isotopp
17:03 thumbs domas: but I liked seeing your name in the drop-down.
17:03 thumbs ronsel: umm?
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17:04 Server MySQL Support and Discussion || 5.1 GA, 5.5 Milestone || We don’t provide answers, we help you find solutions || We don’t * phpMyAdmin (PMA) -> #phpmyadmin || Sense of humour mandatory || UC CfP deadline 2010-01-27
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17:04 domas here
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17:04 djahandarie Dude…
17:04 ronsel :-)
17:04 djahandarie You need TWO |
17:05 VoVo64 djahandarie: its all about optimization!
17:05 domas omg
17:05 domas really
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17:05 Server domas hat das Thema zu ‚ÄúMySQL Support and Discussion || 5.1 GA, 5.5 Milestone || We don’t provide answers, we help you find solutions || We don’t * phpMyAdmin (PMA) -> #phpmyadmin || Sense of humour mandatory || UC CfP deadline 2010-01-27 || No petitions‚Äù ge√§ndert.
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17:05 djahandarie :(
17:06 domas sorry, couldn’t resist kicking someone, as I had op!
17:06 ronsel saves the whales! uhm … :-)
17:06 CorticalStack power corrupts
17:06 CorticalStack myisam corrupts absolutely
17:07 tanj maria will save us
17:07 montywi domas: By saying no petitions, you take a stand against MySQL future; Just good to know where you stand ;)
17:07 xzilla montywi: maybe he is taking a stand for its future?
17:07 montywi Removing people their voice is not democratic
17:07 TodoInTX montywi: ha!
17:07 TodoInTX who said irc was democratic ?
17:08 domas montywi: I hear people can discuss it in #helpmysql
17:08 montywi xzilla: yes, wanting to kill it is also a standpoint, I agree.
17:08 salle montywi: Petitions are fine. SPAM the way you do it is ugly
17:08 domas montywi: I’m a user of Oracle InnoDB technology, and it works fine!!!!
17:08 domas montywi: it is GPL too!
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17:09 domas BDB is also Oracle technology
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17:09 montywi salle: Yes, you can use it now, but not everyone can be sure it’s developed in the future……..
17:09 domas and it is much more popular database than MySQL
17:09 montywi domas: and MySQL is my technology, and you use it too…
17:09 montywi domas: library, not database
17:10 salle montywi: Sorry. MySQL is trademark which is not yours anymore
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17:10 salle montywi: And never was if I remember well
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17:10 domas montywi: well, if I’d look at oprofile, I’d see lots of time spent waiting for LOCK_open! :)
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17:10 montywi salle: it’s still MySQL code
17:10 archivist split hairs day
17:10 TodoInTX montywi: mysql is not a library and if it is so important GPL library why do you want it BSD license now?
17:10 montywi and MySQL is GPL and anyone can use it, but not to promote another product
17:10 salle montywi: Most of MySQL code in use nowadays is not written by you
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17:11 montywi TodoInTX: I don’t want it BSD, I want MySQL to get a good home. That’s different
17:11 proycon I have a large SQL file and what to check the syntax for errors, how can I do this?
17:11 domas ‘good home’ is speculation
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17:11 montywi salle: Check the bzr; 60%+ is still my handwriting (if you remove extra engines)
17:11 domas proycon: no way without loading data
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17:11 thumbs proycon: import it to a dummy db.
17:11 domas proycon: you can actually run a test instance for that, but…
17:11 montywi TodoInTX: BDB is a library
17:11 salle montywi: You never answered my question: Who *else* can take care of MySQL and make sure it does not die?
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17:12 thumbs CorticalStack: you can kick domas, now.
17:12 domas montywi: would be more interesting to see actual coverage information vs bzr lines :)
17:12 proycon hmm…. I was trying to avoid having to import it (it’s a huge file, very time consuming)
17:12 domas montywi: or oprofile-based annotate
17:12 TodoInTX montywi: but you just said “if you remove extra engines”
17:12 salle montywi: Your “Anyone, but Oracle” is not an answer
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17:12 proycon I want to check the syntax to prevent surprised when I actually do import it
17:12 montywi domas: and don’t forget, when you need to switch to a fork, it’s not unlikely that you will need me…
17:12 proycon surprises*
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17:13 Isotopp domas: I made it a support case, 43721
17:13 domas montywi: I will need you, or someone else :)
17:13 Supra7 my question is here:
17:13 domas Isotopp: I won’t see it, I don’t work for Sun
17:13 montywi salle: From a competition standpoint, that is actually almost correct interpretation
17:13 the_XL proycon: change the storage engine to blackhole
17:13 proycon ah! that is an interesting tip, thanks
17:13 LinuxJedi Isotopp: domas abandoned us ;)
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17:13 montywi domas: someone else who will be stupid & stubborn enough to work with you, you mean ?
17:13 salle montywi: “Anyone, but Oracle” is pathetic you know
17:13 Isotopp domas: Good for you
17:13 Server [raymond] (n=rderoo@unaffiliated/rainmkr) hat den Kanal betreten.
17:14 Isotopp domas: come to us!
17:14 domas montywi: :) nono, I am stubborn, they must not be!
17:14 salle montywi: Do you claim that french company who want MySQL for 1EUR will do better job?
17:14 montywi salle: As Oracle is the company with most reasons to want to kill MySQL, it’s not stupid
17:14 montywi domas: anyone to be able to work with you must be stubborn
17:14 tanj salle: which company ? :)
17:14 domas Isotopp: you’d have to fight with my employer :)
17:14 Isotopp domas: come to the dark side! we have cookies!
17:15 domas isotopp: you know where I work now? :)
17:15 montywi salle: Even them ;)
17:15 salle montywi: That’s not the question. The question is “Who can ensure better future for MySQL?”
17:15 xzilla montywi: you think oracle has more reason to kill mysql than microsoft ?
17:15 Isotopp domas: no
17:15 domas isotopp: the big F
17:15 Isotopp que?
17:15 domas isotopp: facebook
17:15 montywi xzilla: Microsoft would have the same competition problems as Oracle, so Microsoft would not be any better for EC
17:15 Isotopp Hah!
17:15 xzilla domas: really? they’ll let anyone work for them these days
17:15 Isotopp domas: Ok, that *is* the dark side.
17:16 domas isotopp: indeed
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17:16 TodoInTX domas: hehe
17:16 Isotopp domas: yet, no cookies.
17:16 domas xzilla: really? :)
17:16 montywi salle: Anyone that doesn’t have an economic interest to kill it.
17:16 domas montywi: everyone has economic interest to kill it, in one way or another
17:16 xzilla montywi: i actually think microsoft would want to kill it more than oracle, but of course i dont think oracle wants to kill it, so…
17:16 domas mysql has economic interest to kill it
17:16 ronsel i should save this chat log,…
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17:16 TodoInTX domas: yes, you cannot deny the power of the dark side… I’ve seen the bugs you submit now… jeesh.
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17:17 archivist ronsel, it is logged
17:17 SixThreeOh My replicated slave isn’t replicating all of a sudden
17:17 domas todointx: we’ve brought some “support engineering” directly at the production engineering layer :)
17:17 LinuxJedi TodoInTX: just be thankful domas doesn’t use cluster, our workloads would double overnight ;)
17:17 montywi xzilla: Oracle looses more money because of MySQL than Microsoft (The big money on databases is on Linux/Unix)
17:17 TodoInTX LOL
17:17 salle montywi: The question is “Who can ensure better future for MySQL?”
17:17 TodoInTX aye
17:17 salle montywi: You have no answer?
17:17 montywi salle: I already answered that
17:17 xzilla my problem is that i think mysql has been mismanged by its corporate interests going all the way back to mysql ab, so i dont have much faith in another company to “do the right thing” any more than oracle, and probably have less
17:17 domas Fujitsu!
17:17 salle montywi: “Anyone, but Oracle” is pathetic
17:17 LinuxJedi Walmart!
17:17 domas xzilla: exactly
17:17 domas xzilla: what has been my point since very beginning
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17:18 montywi salle: I did answer that in my blog, read it!
17:18 BBHoss can someone explain why the VSZ/RSS of a mysqld instance continues to grow? I just restarted a instance that had a RSS of over 600MB, and not it is back down to 200MB
17:18 nils_ maybe General Motors?
17:18 xzilla domas: side note, fujitsu currently supports postgres. not that companies havent tossed postgres aside for mysql in the past
17:18 nils_ they need a new business model anyways.
17:18 domas nils: lol
17:18 LinuxJedi nils_: they need to fix my damn car first! ;)
17:18 domas and they’ve got Obama running them!
17:18 montywi xzilla: any other company would have an incentive to develop MySQL further
17:18 domas montywi: you should’ve approached Obama to take over MySQL!
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17:19 SixThreeOh < why has my replication server stopped replicating?
17:19 Server npatil (n=npatil@ hat den Kanal betreten.
17:19 montywi xzilla: Fujitsu is also buying a lot of Sun high end hardware
17:19 montywi domas: why do you think I haven’t already done that ? ;)
17:19 Server hobodave hat IRC (Remote closed the connection) beendet.
17:19 xzilla montywi: it seems that a small company in charge of mysql is just as and maybe more likely to try to develop closed source pieces as oracle would be
17:19 TodoInTX SixThreeOh: because you don’t use \G and hurt our eyes. (ick)
17:19 montywi Guess who will come to dinner ? (Haven’t you seen the movie…)
17:19 xzilla montywi: given mysql ab was headed down that path
17:20 Server windhamdavid hat den Kanal () verlassen.
17:20 * Therion examines IBM’s services revenue
17:20 montywi xzilla: MySQL Ab wasn’t going that path; The could not because of the shareholder agreement that I had that stopped them.
17:20 Server tpsetter (n=tpsetter@ hat den Kanal betreten.
17:20 Server MLord ( hat den Kanal betreten.
17:20 xzilla montywi: sure, but they *would have* gone down that path if they could have, and nothing would stop a new owner from doing that
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17:21 SixThreeOh how the hell do I use \G?
17:21 Leithal “montywi: domas: library, not database’
17:21 xzilla montywi: however oracle has incentives not to do that, since it would be quite the PR hit for them
17:21 Leithal hah
17:21 Server gammpamm hat IRC () beendet.
17:21 tanj SixThreeOh, read the error message it’s quite self-explanatory…
17:21 Therion SELECT 1 AS one\G
17:21 domas leithal: :)
17:21 domas whoah
17:21 Leithal that’s nothing but positioning
17:21 domas quite a meeting here tonight
17:21 MLord hehe
17:21 TodoInTX SixThreeOh: SHOW SLAVE STATUS\G
17:21 Server snoyes (n=sn221688@nat/sun/x-eadfmdzsplavfreq) hat den Kanal betreten.
17:21 Server proycon hat IRC (“Client exiting”) beendet.
17:21 * domas would be relatively happy to use InnoDB as embedded solution in some lightweight shell
17:21 domas ;-)
17:21 montywi xzilla: yes, and that was why I was happy that Sun was the buyer of MySQL, because Sun is open source friendly
17:21 * lig pulls up a chair
17:22 archivist Therion, has a voice! welcome back!
17:22 Therion montywi: Also they apparently really know how to run a business.
17:22 Therion montywi: Oh, wait
17:22 montywi xzilla: Oracle has never cared about bad PR when it comes to prices
17:22 nils_ domas: hmm there is a standalone InnoDB version and I think someone already added the memcache protocol to it
17:22 thumbs Therion: welcome back!
17:22 MLord domas: Innobase was a full DB at the beginning. Something like that might be possible
17:22 Therion archivist: I still have “kick everyone from the channel” ops, too!
17:22 domas mlord: well, they have embedded solution nowadays
17:22 Server zend_fan hat IRC (“Leaving.”) beendet.
17:22 TodoInTX domas: like drizzle?
17:22 xzilla montywi: i think they have, based on what they have done with innodb and sleepycat
17:22 Server Silowyi ( hat den Kanal betreten.
17:22 domas todointx: drizzle is less lightweight, methinks, nowadays!
17:22 tpsetter Hello. I have a where clause that looks something like this: WHERE r.endDate = CURDATE()… however, I need to change this to say r.enDate + 48 Hours = CURDATE()
17:22 HarrisonF domas, add innodb as a backup to memcached!
17:22 TodoInTX ah
17:22 thumbs Therion: I saw someone do that here a few years ago.
17:22 tpsetter how can I do something like that?
17:23 Server CorticalStack hat CorticalStack entoppt
17:23 HarrisonF s/backup/backend
17:23 domas harrisonf: hahah, I have experience, true!
17:23 Server SSantos (n=SSantos@ hat den Kanal betreten.
17:23 thumbs CorticalStack: awww
17:23 Server kurkale6ka ( hat den Kanal betreten.
17:23 domas well, we’re playing a lot nowadays with HANDLER
17:23 montywi MLord: InnoDB had a very very basic SQL, but no optimizer, only basic types, no important features etc.
17:23 TodoInTX domas: but *everything* is a module, load and unload what you want and don’t want.
17:23 CorticalStack thumbs: don’t hand me a gun, I’m unstable
17:23 Therion thumbs: we’ve done it periodically to clear out the “i’ve been idling for 6 months” folks
17:23 domas montywi: thats nearly exactly what we need ;-)
17:23 nils_
17:23 thumbs Therion: can I do it next? Heh.
17:23 HarrisonF montywi, i’m willing to say that most people think MySQL doesn’t have an optimizer either ;)
17:23 montywi xzilla: Neither InnoDB or BDD competes with Oracle 11g for any customer cases
17:23 domas lol
17:23 nils_
17:24 MLord tpsetter: r.enDate + INTERVAL 48 hour =
17:24 Server ChanServ hat thumbs geoppt
17:24 Server lotus ( hat den Kanal betreten.
17:24 thumbs umm, perhaps not now.
17:24 Server thumbs hat thumbs entoppt
17:24 xzilla montywi: well, innodb certainly does, because without it mysql doesnt either
17:24 domas montywi: does MySQL _without_ InnoDB compete? :)
17:24 SixThreeOh
17:24 montywi HarrisonF: Actually, the MySQL optimizer is quite sophisticated nowadays.
17:24 tpsetter thanks
17:24 Server realtime (n=sabbath@unaffiliated/realtime) hat den Kanal betreten.
17:24 tpsetter MLord: thanks
17:24 Leithal InnoDB had internal SP’s before MySQL
17:24 tpsetter if i want to do 2 days i can do INTERVAL 2 days
17:24 domas Leithal: missed that, were they pulled out, or are they still there?
17:24 montywi domas: Sun has a contract for InnoDB, that allows it to compete.
17:25 HarrisonF domas, they are still there, it is used for a lot of things with the innodb data dictionary
17:25 domas hah
17:25 * Leithal nods
17:25 Server Stoetel ( hat den Kanal betreten.
17:25 * domas kicks data dictionary
17:25 Server grainol_ ist jetzt bekannt als grainol.
17:25 * domas gets to it, slowly slowly
17:25 MLord Leithal: yep, data dictionary, FKs, SPs… you know, database stuff ;)
17:25 SixThreeOh It’s frozen on: “Waiting for master to send event”
17:25 Therion montywi: Sun’s contract doesn’t have anything to do with whether or not MySQL sans InnoDB is ever even vaguely competitive with Oracle
17:26 Server gunn0r (n=b0b@ hat den Kanal betreten.
17:26 tanj SixThreeOh: hello, there’s an error in your replication… care to read it ?
17:26 Leithal “montywi: xzilla: Neither InnoDB or BDD competes with Oracle 11g for any customer cases” o.O
17:26 SixThreeOh that’s no an error
17:26 SixThreeOh not*
17:26 SixThreeOh that table never existed in that db
17:27 Leithal montywi: perhaps you should tell the EC that! :P
17:27 SixThreeOh it shouldn’t have changed any data at all
17:27 nils_ well to be fair, InnoDB development kind of stalled
17:27 SixThreeOh it’s a mystery why the slave would even be sent such an error
17:27 domas nils: has it?
17:27 Server lmorgado_ ( hat den Kanal betreten.
17:27 SixThreeOh How can I tell it to start replicating again?
17:28 Leithal nils_: no it hasn’t
17:28 Therion SixThreeOh: cross-database query? bad replication options?
17:28 nils_ domas: well recently it has picked up, but in the time before the plugin I didn’t really see a lot from them.
17:28 tanj SixThreeOh: error : table doesn’t exist. even if no data will be changed, it’s a fatal error and the replication will stop
17:28 MLord nils_: MUCH more has been done in the last two years than was done in the previous 3
17:28 fission6 what sort of optiions are out there for middle layers to manage a sharded mysql archetecture
17:28 MLord nils_: oracle has a much bigger team working on InnoDB now than Innobase did
17:28 SixThreeOh Therion: a query tried to execute on the wrong db, nothing happened
17:28 montywi Leithal: MySQL does compete, InnoDB as a separate engine doesn’t
17:28 Server lng (n=rbo@ hat den Kanal betreten.
17:28 Server Sinogn hat IRC (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)) beendet.
17:28 tanj SixThreeOh: set global sql_slave_skip_counter=1; start slave;
17:28 Therion SixThreeOh: It wouldn’t be in the binlog unless something happened ;)
17:28 SixThreeOh That error has to be from the master
17:28 Server Sinogn (n=Dekan@ hat den Kanal betreten.
17:28 domas montywi: MySQL separately from InnoDB does not either
17:29 salle montywi: I do have my own company Salle LTD. Do you say I can certainly manage MySQL better than Oracle?
17:29 Therion montywi: MySQL without that engine does not usefully compete with Oracle
17:29 MLord montywi: if Oracle had killed InnoDB or revoked the license than MySQL would NOT compete in any real way
17:29 Therion montywi: Otherwise, you wouldn’t have spent the last however many years on Maria
17:29 fission6 oracle is going to own MySql :(
17:29 salle montywi: You know me and know I have no interest in killing it.
17:29 domas and falcon!
17:29 lng hi! is it possible to use foreign key constraint to delete data in child tables if parent row is deleted?
17:29 MLord montywi: so MySQL only supposedly competes with Oracle because they’ve let it. Ironic isn’t it?
17:29 Therion lng: yes
17:29 domas lng: cascade
17:30 fission6 SixThreeOh: show slave status; ?
17:30 lng thanx
17:30 domas damn, therion is still faster than me, after all these years of absence
17:30 SixThreeOh < here
17:30 the_XL lng: you want ON DELETE CASCADE
17:30 Server alkos333 hat IRC (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out)) beendet.
17:30 Therion domas: lol
17:30 fission6 anyone here use a shard approach with in mysql
17:30 domas fission6: a bit
17:30 lng the_XL: yea
17:30 tanj sharding
17:30 the_wench a technique used for horizontal scaling of databases. Read
17:30 xzilla fission6: sure
17:30 TodoInTX SixThreeOh: if that db doesn’t exist on the slave skip that query and move on.
17:30 Server guy ( hat den Kanal betreten.
17:31 SixThreeOh how can I tell the slave to ignore it?
17:31 guy any ideas why this would cause SQL syntax error?
17:31 guy SELECT *, (SELECT COUNT(language) FROM hp_pages p1 WHERE p1.language = AS active FROM hp_languages l1 ORDER BY active DESC AND l1.position;
17:31 SixThreeOh the table doesn’t exist on either.
17:31 Server PZt hat IRC (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)) beendet.
17:31 Server kroepke ( hat den Kanal betreten.
17:31 tanj SixThreeOh, I gave you the answer already, please move on
17:31 thumbs guy: what is the error?
17:31 guy SQLSTATE[42000]: Syntax error or access violation: 1064 You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ‘AND l1.position’
17:31 fission6 xzilla: are the tables across different db nodes or partitioned on a db?
17:31 domas syntax
17:31 the_wench DO NOT INVENT SYNTAX (well, unless you have commit rights). Just follow the syntax described in the manual. Thanks.
17:31 domas guy: ^^^
17:32 domas o dabar eik
17:32 Therion guy: presumably you want ORDER BY active DESC, l1.position
17:32 Server mr-John hat IRC (“This computer has gone to sleep”) beendet.
17:32 guy ah, this is annoying mistake I do.
17:32 thumbs guy: ORDER BY col1, col2
17:32 CorticalStack guy: referencing an alias in your subquery that doesn’t exist
17:32 Therion guy: it is! you should be ashamed. probably push old people down stairs.
17:32 guy that worked, thank you thumbs, Therion.
17:32 Server tcdarow hat IRC (“Nettalk6 –”) beendet.
17:33 xzilla fission6: i think i have done it both ways
17:33 xzilla fission6: but most recent was different db nodes
17:33 montywi MLord: No, MySQL competes with Oracle because we are in the same market. Oracle buying InnoDB didn’t change that (We had a contract for many years that allows us to continue to sell licenses)
17:33 Server ajm ( hat den Kanal betreten.
17:33 nils_ montywi: with no way for Oracle to kill InnoDB?
17:33 fission6 you think heh? my question being from a mysql how do i make it transparent to developers to write queries and have them execute on the right db nodes within a sharded achetcture
17:33 MLord montywi: Our original license agreement ended AFTER they bought Innobase. You know that!
17:33 Server daemoen hat IRC (Remote closed the connection) beendet.
17:33 domas fission6: generally you don’t
17:34 xzilla fission6: you dont
17:34 domas fission6: but there’re some people who try to make it
17:34 montywi nils_: they could stop developing it yes; They would however have to fix bugs.
17:34 domas montywi: for how many years?
17:34 SixThreeOh tanj thanks.
17:34 MLord montywi: at the very least they could have let it idle or die, which they didn’t.
17:34 montywi If the would stopped developing it, then MySQL could have caused a fork
17:34 xzilla domas: well yes, you can do it how skype did it, but I dont think there is a way to do it in mysql (not with any level of complex app anyway)
17:35 Server TeeMist hat IRC (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out)) beendet.
17:35 MLord montywi: exactly! The only problem is that dual licensing couldn’t be used….
17:35 Server tpsetter hat IRC (“Get MacIrssi –”) beendet.
17:35 MLord montywi: it sounds like you’re arguing against yourself
17:35 montywi domas: you mean licenses? For 4 years, but they extended the contract after negotiations with us
17:35 xzilla montywi: istm that innodb has actually seen more development than any other table engine between the time oracle purchased it and now
17:35 montywi MLord: they used InnoDb to stop us from growing, and they where very successful with that
17:36 Leithal xzilla: that is true
17:36 montywi xzilla: no
17:36 Leithal balls
17:36 Therion montywi: We grew enormously after their purchase. You’re not even playing in reality, here.
17:36 xzilla montywi: mysql grew under Sun, how can you say they stopped you from growing?!?
17:36 MLord montywi: how so? that makes no sense
17:36 montywi All the new storage engines, PBXT, Calpoint, Infobright is doing much more
17:36 Therion No trolling here
17:36 domas Therion: did you hire xzillla?
17:36 Therion Take it somewhere else
17:36 MLord montywi: if you’re going by the… what do people call it… oh yeah, facts.
17:36 montywi xzilla: I meant before Sun
17:36 domas montywi: PBXT is not usable for disk-bound workloads, calpoint and infobright are not OLTP
17:37 TodoInTX montywi: a meteor could fall from the sky and kill me today, doesn’t mean that I have any proof that it will.
17:37 Therion domas: alas, no
17:37 Therion domas: do you want a job?!
17:37 MLord montywi: yeah, they’re doing much more… ok
17:37 montywi it still got more development done than InnoDB and it’s slowly getting there
17:37 domas Therion: I still got mine!
17:37 Server Kai hat IRC (“Leaving…”) beendet.
17:37 Therion domas: tell me how I can change that!
17:37 Server Flusher- ist jetzt bekannt als Flusher.
17:37 MLord montywi: they all suck, they need more work :)
17:37 LinuxJedi domas: we still need a new cluster guy ;)
17:37 domas LinuxJedi: I hear that
17:37 Server FFForever-Away ist jetzt bekannt als FFForever.
17:38 domas hey, if I worked for mysql again, I couldn’t do ‘product testing’ in farmville
17:38 Server FFForever hat den Kanal (“Leaving”) verlassen.
17:38 domas unless of course zynga has a support contract!
17:38 Server freebsd_fan\work hat IRC (“Why is the alphabet in that order? Is it because of that song?”) beendet.
17:38 LinuxJedi domas: you could play chess like geert ;)
17:38 SixThreeOh is it possible to roll back replicating some events?
17:38 domas sixthreeoh: everything is roll-forward
17:38 MLord LinuxJedi: you mean greet?
17:38 Therion what do you think this is, Oracle?
17:38 ronsel geert just takes some pictures …
17:39 SixThreeOh well great I’ll have to totally re-setup the replication then
17:39 Server km ( hat den Kanal betreten.
17:39 LinuxJedi MLord: ??
17:39 Therion [raymond]: p i n g
17:39 Server Cymage_ (n=james@unaffiliated/cymage) hat den Kanal betreten.
17:39 Server the_XL hat IRC (“Leaving”) beendet.
17:39 SixThreeOh I didn’t realise skip event skipped all events
17:39 fission6 domas: how would a developr know what box the query should run on?
17:40 Server Cymage ist jetzt bekannt als Cybercop.
17:40 Server Cymage_ ist jetzt bekannt als Cymage.
17:40 domas fission6: by calling ShardManager::getShardByXXXId()
17:40 pgalbraith hi all
17:40 the_wench oh hai pgalbraith
17:40 TodoInTX SixThreeOh: if there are differences on the slave and master you can use mk_table_sync to repair those.
17:40 TodoInTX without restoring the whole slave from backup.
17:40 fission6 domas: what manages the ShardManager?
17:40 MLord hi pgalbraith
17:40 domas fission6: ShardManagerManager of course
17:40 fission6 is thta something within mysql or a 3rd party tool
17:40 TodoInTX SixThreeOh:
17:40 domas fission6: that is something you write. =)
17:40 TodoInTX wrong page…
17:41 domas fission6: sharding nearly always is deep within app logic
17:41 fission6 what about mysql proxy or spock proxy(sp?)
17:41 MLord I sharted once
17:41 LinuxJedi domas: you coming to the UC this year?
17:41 TodoInTX SixThreeOh:
17:41 xzilla MLord: eww
17:41 domas linuxjedi: yup!
17:41 pgalbraith MLord : hey there ! I see you connected with tim lord
17:41 fission6 is sharding even worth it
17:41 Server senk ( hat den Kanal betreten.
17:41 domas linuxjedi: and I don’t even have to do a talk to come!!!!

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    специализированное масло для двигателей Вольво Сastrol Edge Professional трудно найти в обычном магазине, т.к. не предназначено для
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    правильно подбирайте масло для двигателей Вашего Вольво, руководствуясь вышеуказанными техническими характеристиками. Компания Castrol
    является одним из ключевых партнером компании Volvo Cars. Совместно с Castrol разрабатываются смазывающие материалы для большинства
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    For one of those who failed to ejaculate, the reminiscence of the scientific environment was vivid as he recalled his acute discomfort acted out by wandering across the room until lastly abandoning the try. Although no adverse results were noticed in the infant, the authors really helpful that a mom might minimize drug publicity from her milk by taking her dose at bedtime and waiting eight hours to breastfeed (11). The milk:maternal serum ratios (range) for the mother or father drug and active metabolite have been 0 pain treatment center nashville tn [url=]cheap 500mg azulfidine with amex[/url].
    It has been instructed that Tf mediates aluminium release from mucosal cells into blood (Greger & Sutherland, 1997). Given the alternatives of beauty and therapeutic injectables at present approved and with extra coming in every class, the question arises, �How do physicians and their employees develop processes to deliver operational excellence with injectablesfi. Markers for Abnormal Fetal Growth in Multiple Gestation ¦ Discordance in estimated sonographic fetal weights of 20–25% using the larger twin as the index case treatment degenerative disc disease [url=]discount meldonium 500 mg amex[/url]. Transvaginal hysterectomy for Posthysterectomy pelvic adenomyotic enlarged leiomyomata uteri in a Medical masses observed in eight instances out of a sequence of Department Activity surroundings. Choice of insulin regimen � At least two injections of insulin per day are advisable in most kids. You is not going to know which questions rely, so full all one hundred fifty questions as in the event that they count treatment walking pneumonia [url=]order topiramate without prescription[/url]. Escape from an intrinsic signal that limits cell have undergone organ transplantation and are chronically replication to a fnite quantity immunosuppressed to prevent transplant rejection have an 5. Have the religion to reside the life you could have and reside it absolutely, with great love and gratitude. Three-Month Randomized Trial of Fixed-Combination Brinzolamide, 1%, and Brimonidine, zero hiv infection life cycle [url=]prograf 5 mg lowest price[/url]. However, the presence of a (significantly in proximity to the abdominal viscera) ought to dominant breast nodule/mass during being pregnant should prompt a search for paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria by no means be attributed to hormonal adjustments. Malarial pigment Composed of hematin and excess protein Miracidium Free-residing, ciliated larva released from a tremaleft over from the metabolism of hemoglobin; seems as browntode egg and infective for the snail intermediate host. The first of these requires that the issue is raised to public salience, but investing sources in this is solely mandated if it is a matter of public curiosity treatment dry macular degeneration [url=]generic 100mg zyloprim amex[/url].
    Both urine and blood cultures must be sent in addition to a urinalysis and complete blood depend. In simple phrases, the wheels McLaren report breaking Formula 1 pit crew 41 cant be changed if the jack doesn t raise the sporting chrome ones) and also has com car, or the lollipop man lets it drive o too munications with all staff members. Viraemia and death of contaminated B cells cause an acute febrile sickness and look of specific humoral antibodies Clinical Features which peak about 2 weeks after the an infection and persist all through life antibiotics for cellulitis [url=]order viramune online pills[/url]. Relatively broad-spectrum remedy is warranted in sufferers with suspected ascitic fuid infection till the outcomes of susceptibility testing are available. Osteoporosis is more frequent in folks with thyroid circumstances than within the common inhabitants. In my clinic it is the frst Laser I activate in the morning and the final laser I flip off medications bad for liver [url=]order 600 mg biltricide mastercard[/url]. It can be used in processing semen samples previous to freezing them and for processing non-processed frozen semen samples. In human beings, at an early stage of embryonic improvement, one of many two X chromosomes is inactivated in each somatic cell; different tissues undergo X inactivation at totally different occasions. Long therapy protocol: this protocol is considered lengthy due to the size of time over which the medication are administered пїЅ three to four weeks antimicrobial hypothesis [url=]order norfloxacin cheap[/url]. Neonatal and maternal morbidity in relation to the length of the second stage of labour. Pulmonary perform testing to evaluate pulmonary reserve to gauge for pulmonectomy. C, Afer surgery the patient demonstrates extra mandibular prominence (0) and facial peak erectile dysfunction fpnotebook [url=]buy nizagara 50 mg online[/url].
    There is not any consensus about future these three ideas have given rise to three major theories about possible future developments in trends in healthy life expectancy wholesome life expectancy:. There is not a standard medical evaluation course of for sufferers with, or at risk for, alcohol 24 withdrawal, however it ought to embody a history and bodily examination and an assessment for concurrent 25 mental well being circumstances. Nodule is an ovoid or spherical, laminated, 445 hyaline, acellular mass positioned inside a lobule of the glomerulus erectile dysfunction causes drugs [url=]buy tadora 20mg line[/url].

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    Bazzi C, Petrini C, Rizza V, Arrigo G, Beltrame A, D�Amico G: Characterization of proteinuria in main glomerulonephritides. Echo steering is really helpful Use native anaesthetic if needed Attach the syringe to the needle Puncture the skin 1-2 cm inferior to the left aspect of the xiphoid junction o at a 45 angle Advance the needle towards the tip of the left scapula aspirating all the time When fluid is withdrawn advance the cannula over the needle and withdraw the needle Remove as much fluid as potential If the fluid is bloody then it can be difficult to resolve if the needle is within the pericardial space or heart as the blood will pulsate out of the needle even if it is within the right place. Weight-sustaining diets for moderately energetic people embrace 30–35 kcal/kg/day level of cholesterol in shrimp [url=]generic prazosin 1mg otc[/url].
    The cornea has a ground-glass look, and the corneal epithelium could also be roughened. The technique described avoids this problem by inverting the suture line, excising the lesion with a margin beneath direct imaginative and prescient, while markedly decreasing the operative The best good thing about metallic staples in the space of resection is in long- time period radiographic foUow-up. Misagh Naderi What if it have been attainable to tackle orphan diseases with present medicine which have already been permitted for different diseases? treatment canker sore [url=]generic 35mg actonel[/url]. These organisms additionally play key roles in the carbon cycle and are due to this fact vitally essential to climate change mitigation efforts. Age Distribution of 34 Iron Workers Employed at Elevated Railway (years) Number Tin in the erythrocvtes of patients with lead intoxication and iron deficiency anemia. In distinction to linkage analysis, this method doesn’t depend upon there being a mendelian inheritance sample and is due to this fact higher fitted to discovering the genetic contributions to issues with complex inheritance (see Chapter eight) erectile dysfunction treatment history [url=]cialis black 800 mg[/url]. Borg and diazepines are much less harmful and easier to colleagues (1999) discovered that sufficient doses of obtain in many areas. Heipieper and Isken, “Ethanol tolerance and membrane fatty acid adaptation in adh a number of and null mutants of Kluyveromyces lactis,” Res. Effectiveness and efficiency of guideline dissemination and implementation strategies treatment models [url=]buy generic cyklokapron 500 mg on line[/url]. Most patients having an arteriotomy will have a remedy that doesn’t require image steering as the surgeon may have a direct view of the artery. You might feel like Shaking your child causes his or her head your physique isnпїЅt your individual. Although a retrospective inhabitants-primarily based research elderly and/or these taking warfarin symptoms queasy stomach and headache [url=]generic neurontin 300mg without prescription[/url]. The certain estimates to engineered nanomaterials alongside the product worth chain, complete approach of combining toxicity and exposure assessments is launch of silver from nanotechnology-primarily based kidsпїЅs products, and the ponecessary to offer direct inference to potential client dangers. Tyrosine hydroxylase is inhibited by (A) Five amino acids (A) Catecholamines (B) ??Methyldopa (B) Twelve amino acids (C) Phenylalanine (D) Vanillyl mandelic acid (C) Seventeen amino acids 300. The analysis of tuberculosis in sufferers with a negative radiographic or bacteriological examination is still problematic in clinical settings medicine lake mn [url=]order procyclidine discount[/url].
    Sex Work ss158 пїЅ a hundred and sixty Public Health and Brothel proprietors should provide a free provide of Wellbeing Act 2008 condoms and lubricant, and must take cheap steps to ensure that purchasers and sex staff use condoms in any encounter that involves penetration. Qi & blood supplementing medicinals a simultaneous mixture of continual digestive complaints, 5. The latter interpretations, already unconvincing, have lost credibility, based on the observation that the findings of exogenous vesiculation and the incidence of recurrence in series of conservative surgical procedure, interestingly sufficient, have been related, at about 30% fungi culinary definition [url=]cheapest diflucan[/url]. Each case of psychotic sickness is completely different, and plenty of phenomena not described above could be present. The likelihood of a nonaffected child is due to this fact 3/4, and the probability of two nonaffected children is (3/four)2 = 9/sixteen. Capsules have far fewer problems, however the patient must be informed to swallow the capsule, and to not chew it allergy symptoms burning skin [url=]cheap 5mg clarinex otc[/url]. In these carefully chosen patients, pathologic examination of the gallbladder typically discloses small calculi or lesions similar to cholesterolosis. Data availability and analytical constraints limit the monitoring of social determinants and the evidence needed for policy growth. High supraspinatus exercise and also good exercise for subacromial space with related supraspinatus activity lower trapezius Infraspinatus 1 anxiety symptoms on one side of body [url=]cheap buspar 5mg line[/url]. This will assist everybody feel more comfy with the continued strategy of improvement. Unlike thiazides, loop diuret ics preserve their effectiveness within the presence of impaired renal perform, though higher doses may be essential. Physical examination retrospective analysis of anaphylaxis may be decided by should include all techniques that might possibly account for the detecting an increase in serum whole tryptase ranges above scientific presentation blood pressure average calculator [url=]buy hytrin mastercard[/url].

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    In todayпїЅs world we’ve numerous professionals who are working to make infertility less common and easier to overcome. In some instances the fits improve because there actually are particular Donor/Acceptor interactions for a couple of solvents and some polymers, particles and so forth. Self-monitoring and self-administration of requires that a venous sample is analysed in a vitamin K antagonist remedy hospital laboratory, and that patients search medical recommendation historical hiv infection rates [url=]1000mg valtrex with visa[/url].
    Human papillomavirus, smoking, and sexual practices within the etiology of anal most cancers. None of those subsamples is giant enough to reliably estimate a full regression model. Some donations are tested for a wider range of clinically vital blood groups (extended phenotyping) to permit nearer matching and reduce the development of alloantibodies in sufferers who need lengthy-time period red cell transfusion help (see Chapter eight) antibiotic blue capsule [url=]purchase vantin overnight delivery[/url]. Prognostic schemes Several scoring systems have been devised on the idea of various prognostic components. Espejo A 66-year-old man introduced with acute-onset dysarthria, postural instability, and disCase eight orientation. We should keep in mind, within the dividing of the dose, irrespective of how far this is extended there’s something of the drug left anxiety symptoms [url=]discount 150 mg venlafaxine with visa[/url].
    Both newborns had been hypothyroid at birth and developed respiratory stridor, but neither had bodily indicators of cretinism. Temperature defines the geographic distribution of many species and their responses to local weather change. Signs and Symptoms of Spider Bites Signs and symptoms of spider bites rely upon the amount of venom injected and the particular personпїЅs sensitivity to the venom asthma exacerbation icd 9 [url=]order ventolin 100 mcg mastercard[/url]. Adding designed, and operated in accordance with different care fashions and longer appearing accreditation requirements, Federal guidelines, pharmacotherapies to the companies continuum and State and local licensing, approval, and might decrease loitering, illicit transactions, illeoperating necessities. Asian J induced by pergolide: evidence from the results of an Androl 2000;2(3):233-236. Some of those newer displays also have sterile contact perform allowing the surgeon to command the complete laparoscopic video system via the flat monitor erectile dysfunction meaning [url=]cheap vardenafil american express[/url].
    Neoplasms Proliferative verrucous Non-Hodgkins lymphoma Chondrosarcoma Squamous cell carcinoma leukoplakia 6. Available at: by resection versus upfront resection for resectable pancreatic cancer: a http://www. Before starting empirical therapy, other causes of pelvic ache symptoms must be ruled out, so far as potential blood pressure spikes [url=]buy vasotec mastercard[/url]. Nodular regenerative hyperplasia of the liver: a uncommon differential diagnosis of cholestasis with response to ursodeoxycholic acid. Re-operations after 50 % is considered as an acceptable defnition of success failed bariatric surgical procedure are technically extra demanding, by centers throughout the world12, 70. Heterochromatic areas of chromo- Euchromatic Euchromatic Centromeres sequenced unknown 2% 93% 1% Secondary Constrictions 1q, 9q, 16q 1% Acrocentric Arms 13p, 14p, 15p, 21p, 22p 2% Fig blood pressure for heart attack [url=]cheap vasodilan 20mg on line[/url].
    Antibodies to lepirudin develop in almost 50% of sufferers throughout the first week of use that the majority often increase the circulation time of the drug. Surgical portosystemic shunts also can remedies include combination therapy with amoxicillin and be difficult by pulmonary hypertension [13]. Reproductive historical past, infertility treatment, and the chance of acute leukemia Platteau P, Laurent E, Albano C, et al pulse pressure range [url=]purchase 120 mg verapamil fast delivery[/url]. Available at: treatment in metastatic low-grade endometrial stromal sarcoma: single. Vasopressin-induced serine 269 phosphorylation reduces Sipa1l1 (sign-induced proliferation-associated 1 like 1)-mediated aquaporin-2 endocytosis. Six moms contracted the disease during pregnancy and certainly one of their infants had a major defect (hypospadias) anxiety 2 [url=]buy genuine venlor on-line[/url].
    Allergic rhinitis none mild, not requiring reasonable, requiring (including sneezing, nasal treatment remedy stuffiness, postnasal drip) Autoimmune reaction none serologic or different evidence of reversible autoimmune autoimmune response evidence of autoimmune reaction reaction involving inflicting main grade 4 autoimmune response involving a nonfunction of a major organ dysfunction; however affected person is essential organ or organ or different adverse progressive and asymptomatic. The morbid obesity, portal and mesenteric vein thrombosis, hepatopulmonary syndrome-the triad of continual liver energetic alcohol or drug abuse, extreme malnutrition, and lack disease, an increased alveolar-arterial gradient whereas the of patient understanding. Earnings per share Accounting policies Earnings per share is presented as both basic and diluted earnings per share symptoms for mono [url=]order vastarel 20mg on-line[/url].

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