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16:56 ronsel
16:57 djahandarie It would make sense since it is a mysql-distributed scrip that removes them
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16:57 djahandarie lol @ that first sentence… “Widenius will die”
16:57 domas heh
16:58 domas nooooeeeees, we need Monty
16:58 tanj maybe someone should add “no petitions” to the topic
16:58 domas even though he causes frustration and despair
16:58 CorticalStack (here we go)
16:58 ronsel whats going on with the monty?
16:58 domas he’s still a nice guy!
16:58 tanj and besides without him we wouldn’t be here today :)
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16:58 ronsel thats for sure!
16:59 ronsel this channel could have a strange name like postgres :-)
16:59 domas tanj: yep, that would be so sad, we’d be in #postgresql ;-)
16:59 domas or some other.
16:59 domas firebird!
16:59 ronsel lol
16:59 tanj hey i’m in #postgresql also
16:59 VoVo64 #nosql
16:59 domas I’m there sometimes too
16:59 TodoInTX tanj: many people have contributed to getting us to where we are today.
16:59 domas they think I’m trolling though and want to ban me
17:00 domas and all I do is careful benchmarking :)
17:00 Isotopp i have a SELECT … FROM t WHERE (room_name_id, language_code ) IN ( ( 153701, “en”) ) yields in a Illegal mix of collations (latin1_swedish_ci,IMPLICIT) and (utf8_general_ci,COERCIBLE) for operation ‘=’
17:00 CorticalStack with perl pack and unpack functions you don’t really need rdbms anyway.
17:00 TodoInTX hehe
17:00 thumbs domas: to be fair, not knowing you, you could come out as a troll.
17:00 Isotopp but SELECT … FROM t WHERE `room_name_id`=153701 AND `language_code` = “en”; works just fine
17:00 tanj TodoInTX: I know. I’m just jumping on the monty bandwagon :=)
17:00 Isotopp is this a mysql tuple equivalency processing problem again?
17:01 domas isotopp: this is coerciveness issue
17:01 thumbs Isotopp: check the collation on both columns.
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17:01 domas isotopp: but probably a bug too
17:01 Isotopp domas: language_code is a latin1 column, and i am on a SET NAMES utf8 connection
17:01 domas isotopp: probably coerciveness doesn’t work that well with IN(())
17:01 Isotopp domas: also, IN ( ( 153701, _latin1 “en”) ) works fine
17:02 domas it assumes that whole ((),(),()) set can have different charsets
17:02 tanj implicit cast in the 2nd case, prolly
17:02 Isotopp domas: but it is unclear to me why the WHERE … AND … works, whereas the IN (()) does not
17:02 domas isotopp: ^^^
17:02 domas my assumption
17:02 domas anyway, bug, file.
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17:02 thumbs assign it to domas
17:02 ronsel !title Save MySQL from ORACLE
17:02 Isotopp thumbs: will do :)
17:03 tanj sounds like “won’t fix”
17:03 domas he can’t
17:03 domas nobody can
17:03 domas I’m not in drop-downs anymore
17:03 domas :(
17:03 thumbs :(
17:03 * domas is a user, just like Isotopp
17:03 thumbs domas: but I liked seeing your name in the drop-down.
17:03 thumbs ronsel: umm?
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17:04 Server MySQL Support and Discussion || 5.1 GA, 5.5 Milestone || We don’t provide answers, we help you find solutions || We don’t * phpMyAdmin (PMA) -> #phpmyadmin || Sense of humour mandatory || UC CfP deadline 2010-01-27
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17:04 domas here
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17:04 djahandarie Dude…
17:04 ronsel :-)
17:04 djahandarie You need TWO |
17:05 VoVo64 djahandarie: its all about optimization!
17:05 domas omg
17:05 domas really
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17:05 Server domas hat das Thema zu ‚ÄúMySQL Support and Discussion || 5.1 GA, 5.5 Milestone || We don’t provide answers, we help you find solutions || We don’t * phpMyAdmin (PMA) -> #phpmyadmin || Sense of humour mandatory || UC CfP deadline 2010-01-27 || No petitions‚Äù ge√§ndert.
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17:05 djahandarie :(
17:06 domas sorry, couldn’t resist kicking someone, as I had op!
17:06 ronsel saves the whales! uhm … :-)
17:06 CorticalStack power corrupts
17:06 CorticalStack myisam corrupts absolutely
17:07 tanj maria will save us
17:07 montywi domas: By saying no petitions, you take a stand against MySQL future; Just good to know where you stand ;)
17:07 xzilla montywi: maybe he is taking a stand for its future?
17:07 montywi Removing people their voice is not democratic
17:07 TodoInTX montywi: ha!
17:07 TodoInTX who said irc was democratic ?
17:08 domas montywi: I hear people can discuss it in #helpmysql
17:08 montywi xzilla: yes, wanting to kill it is also a standpoint, I agree.
17:08 salle montywi: Petitions are fine. SPAM the way you do it is ugly
17:08 domas montywi: I’m a user of Oracle InnoDB technology, and it works fine!!!!
17:08 domas montywi: it is GPL too!
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17:09 domas BDB is also Oracle technology
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17:09 montywi salle: Yes, you can use it now, but not everyone can be sure it’s developed in the future……..
17:09 domas and it is much more popular database than MySQL
17:09 montywi domas: and MySQL is my technology, and you use it too…
17:09 montywi domas: library, not database
17:10 salle montywi: Sorry. MySQL is trademark which is not yours anymore
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17:10 salle montywi: And never was if I remember well
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17:10 domas montywi: well, if I’d look at oprofile, I’d see lots of time spent waiting for LOCK_open! :)
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17:10 montywi salle: it’s still MySQL code
17:10 archivist split hairs day
17:10 TodoInTX montywi: mysql is not a library and if it is so important GPL library why do you want it BSD license now?
17:10 montywi and MySQL is GPL and anyone can use it, but not to promote another product
17:10 salle montywi: Most of MySQL code in use nowadays is not written by you
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17:11 montywi TodoInTX: I don’t want it BSD, I want MySQL to get a good home. That’s different
17:11 proycon I have a large SQL file and what to check the syntax for errors, how can I do this?
17:11 domas ‘good home’ is speculation
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17:11 montywi salle: Check the bzr; 60%+ is still my handwriting (if you remove extra engines)
17:11 domas proycon: no way without loading data
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17:11 thumbs proycon: import it to a dummy db.
17:11 domas proycon: you can actually run a test instance for that, but…
17:11 montywi TodoInTX: BDB is a library
17:11 salle montywi: You never answered my question: Who *else* can take care of MySQL and make sure it does not die?
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17:12 thumbs CorticalStack: you can kick domas, now.
17:12 domas montywi: would be more interesting to see actual coverage information vs bzr lines :)
17:12 proycon hmm…. I was trying to avoid having to import it (it’s a huge file, very time consuming)
17:12 domas montywi: or oprofile-based annotate
17:12 TodoInTX montywi: but you just said “if you remove extra engines”
17:12 salle montywi: Your “Anyone, but Oracle” is not an answer
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17:12 proycon I want to check the syntax to prevent surprised when I actually do import it
17:12 montywi domas: and don’t forget, when you need to switch to a fork, it’s not unlikely that you will need me…
17:12 proycon surprises*
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17:13 Isotopp domas: I made it a support case, 43721
17:13 domas montywi: I will need you, or someone else :)
17:13 Supra7 my question is here:
17:13 domas Isotopp: I won’t see it, I don’t work for Sun
17:13 montywi salle: From a competition standpoint, that is actually almost correct interpretation
17:13 the_XL proycon: change the storage engine to blackhole
17:13 proycon ah! that is an interesting tip, thanks
17:13 LinuxJedi Isotopp: domas abandoned us ;)
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17:13 montywi domas: someone else who will be stupid & stubborn enough to work with you, you mean ?
17:13 salle montywi: “Anyone, but Oracle” is pathetic you know
17:13 Isotopp domas: Good for you
17:13 Server [raymond] (n=rderoo@unaffiliated/rainmkr) hat den Kanal betreten.
17:14 Isotopp domas: come to us!
17:14 domas montywi: :) nono, I am stubborn, they must not be!
17:14 salle montywi: Do you claim that french company who want MySQL for 1EUR will do better job?
17:14 montywi salle: As Oracle is the company with most reasons to want to kill MySQL, it’s not stupid
17:14 montywi domas: anyone to be able to work with you must be stubborn
17:14 tanj salle: which company ? :)
17:14 domas Isotopp: you’d have to fight with my employer :)
17:14 Isotopp domas: come to the dark side! we have cookies!
17:15 domas isotopp: you know where I work now? :)
17:15 montywi salle: Even them ;)
17:15 salle montywi: That’s not the question. The question is “Who can ensure better future for MySQL?”
17:15 xzilla montywi: you think oracle has more reason to kill mysql than microsoft ?
17:15 Isotopp domas: no
17:15 domas isotopp: the big F
17:15 Isotopp que?
17:15 domas isotopp: facebook
17:15 montywi xzilla: Microsoft would have the same competition problems as Oracle, so Microsoft would not be any better for EC
17:15 Isotopp Hah!
17:15 xzilla domas: really? they’ll let anyone work for them these days
17:15 Isotopp domas: Ok, that *is* the dark side.
17:16 domas isotopp: indeed
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17:16 TodoInTX domas: hehe
17:16 Isotopp domas: yet, no cookies.
17:16 domas xzilla: really? :)
17:16 montywi salle: Anyone that doesn’t have an economic interest to kill it.
17:16 domas montywi: everyone has economic interest to kill it, in one way or another
17:16 xzilla montywi: i actually think microsoft would want to kill it more than oracle, but of course i dont think oracle wants to kill it, so…
17:16 domas mysql has economic interest to kill it
17:16 ronsel i should save this chat log,…
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17:16 TodoInTX domas: yes, you cannot deny the power of the dark side… I’ve seen the bugs you submit now… jeesh.
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17:17 archivist ronsel, it is logged
17:17 SixThreeOh My replicated slave isn’t replicating all of a sudden
17:17 domas todointx: we’ve brought some “support engineering” directly at the production engineering layer :)
17:17 LinuxJedi TodoInTX: just be thankful domas doesn’t use cluster, our workloads would double overnight ;)
17:17 montywi xzilla: Oracle looses more money because of MySQL than Microsoft (The big money on databases is on Linux/Unix)
17:17 TodoInTX LOL
17:17 salle montywi: The question is “Who can ensure better future for MySQL?”
17:17 TodoInTX aye
17:17 salle montywi: You have no answer?
17:17 montywi salle: I already answered that
17:17 xzilla my problem is that i think mysql has been mismanged by its corporate interests going all the way back to mysql ab, so i dont have much faith in another company to “do the right thing” any more than oracle, and probably have less
17:17 domas Fujitsu!
17:17 salle montywi: “Anyone, but Oracle” is pathetic
17:17 LinuxJedi Walmart!
17:17 domas xzilla: exactly
17:17 domas xzilla: what has been my point since very beginning
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17:18 montywi salle: I did answer that in my blog, read it!
17:18 BBHoss can someone explain why the VSZ/RSS of a mysqld instance continues to grow? I just restarted a instance that had a RSS of over 600MB, and not it is back down to 200MB
17:18 nils_ maybe General Motors?
17:18 xzilla domas: side note, fujitsu currently supports postgres. not that companies havent tossed postgres aside for mysql in the past
17:18 nils_ they need a new business model anyways.
17:18 domas nils: lol
17:18 LinuxJedi nils_: they need to fix my damn car first! ;)
17:18 domas and they’ve got Obama running them!
17:18 montywi xzilla: any other company would have an incentive to develop MySQL further
17:18 domas montywi: you should’ve approached Obama to take over MySQL!
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17:19 SixThreeOh < why has my replication server stopped replicating?
17:19 Server npatil (n=npatil@ hat den Kanal betreten.
17:19 montywi xzilla: Fujitsu is also buying a lot of Sun high end hardware
17:19 montywi domas: why do you think I haven’t already done that ? ;)
17:19 Server hobodave hat IRC (Remote closed the connection) beendet.
17:19 xzilla montywi: it seems that a small company in charge of mysql is just as and maybe more likely to try to develop closed source pieces as oracle would be
17:19 TodoInTX SixThreeOh: because you don’t use \G and hurt our eyes. (ick)
17:19 montywi Guess who will come to dinner ? (Haven’t you seen the movie…)
17:19 xzilla montywi: given mysql ab was headed down that path
17:20 Server windhamdavid hat den Kanal () verlassen.
17:20 * Therion examines IBM’s services revenue
17:20 montywi xzilla: MySQL Ab wasn’t going that path; The could not because of the shareholder agreement that I had that stopped them.
17:20 Server tpsetter (n=tpsetter@ hat den Kanal betreten.
17:20 Server MLord ( hat den Kanal betreten.
17:20 xzilla montywi: sure, but they *would have* gone down that path if they could have, and nothing would stop a new owner from doing that
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17:21 SixThreeOh how the hell do I use \G?
17:21 Leithal “montywi: domas: library, not database’
17:21 xzilla montywi: however oracle has incentives not to do that, since it would be quite the PR hit for them
17:21 Leithal hah
17:21 Server gammpamm hat IRC () beendet.
17:21 tanj SixThreeOh, read the error message it’s quite self-explanatory…
17:21 Therion SELECT 1 AS one\G
17:21 domas leithal: :)
17:21 domas whoah
17:21 Leithal that’s nothing but positioning
17:21 domas quite a meeting here tonight
17:21 MLord hehe
17:21 TodoInTX SixThreeOh: SHOW SLAVE STATUS\G
17:21 Server snoyes (n=sn221688@nat/sun/x-eadfmdzsplavfreq) hat den Kanal betreten.
17:21 Server proycon hat IRC (“Client exiting”) beendet.
17:21 * domas would be relatively happy to use InnoDB as embedded solution in some lightweight shell
17:21 domas ;-)
17:21 montywi xzilla: yes, and that was why I was happy that Sun was the buyer of MySQL, because Sun is open source friendly
17:21 * lig pulls up a chair
17:22 archivist Therion, has a voice! welcome back!
17:22 Therion montywi: Also they apparently really know how to run a business.
17:22 Therion montywi: Oh, wait
17:22 montywi xzilla: Oracle has never cared about bad PR when it comes to prices
17:22 nils_ domas: hmm there is a standalone InnoDB version and I think someone already added the memcache protocol to it
17:22 thumbs Therion: welcome back!
17:22 MLord domas: Innobase was a full DB at the beginning. Something like that might be possible
17:22 Therion archivist: I still have “kick everyone from the channel” ops, too!
17:22 domas mlord: well, they have embedded solution nowadays
17:22 Server zend_fan hat IRC (“Leaving.”) beendet.
17:22 TodoInTX domas: like drizzle?
17:22 xzilla montywi: i think they have, based on what they have done with innodb and sleepycat
17:22 Server Silowyi ( hat den Kanal betreten.
17:22 domas todointx: drizzle is less lightweight, methinks, nowadays!
17:22 tpsetter Hello. I have a where clause that looks something like this: WHERE r.endDate = CURDATE()… however, I need to change this to say r.enDate + 48 Hours = CURDATE()
17:22 HarrisonF domas, add innodb as a backup to memcached!
17:22 TodoInTX ah
17:22 thumbs Therion: I saw someone do that here a few years ago.
17:22 tpsetter how can I do something like that?
17:23 Server CorticalStack hat CorticalStack entoppt
17:23 HarrisonF s/backup/backend
17:23 domas harrisonf: hahah, I have experience, true!
17:23 Server SSantos (n=SSantos@ hat den Kanal betreten.
17:23 thumbs CorticalStack: awww
17:23 Server kurkale6ka ( hat den Kanal betreten.
17:23 domas well, we’re playing a lot nowadays with HANDLER
17:23 montywi MLord: InnoDB had a very very basic SQL, but no optimizer, only basic types, no important features etc.
17:23 TodoInTX domas: but *everything* is a module, load and unload what you want and don’t want.
17:23 CorticalStack thumbs: don’t hand me a gun, I’m unstable
17:23 Therion thumbs: we’ve done it periodically to clear out the “i’ve been idling for 6 months” folks
17:23 domas montywi: thats nearly exactly what we need ;-)
17:23 nils_
17:23 thumbs Therion: can I do it next? Heh.
17:23 HarrisonF montywi, i’m willing to say that most people think MySQL doesn’t have an optimizer either ;)
17:23 montywi xzilla: Neither InnoDB or BDD competes with Oracle 11g for any customer cases
17:23 domas lol
17:23 nils_
17:24 MLord tpsetter: r.enDate + INTERVAL 48 hour =
17:24 Server ChanServ hat thumbs geoppt
17:24 Server lotus ( hat den Kanal betreten.
17:24 thumbs umm, perhaps not now.
17:24 Server thumbs hat thumbs entoppt
17:24 xzilla montywi: well, innodb certainly does, because without it mysql doesnt either
17:24 domas montywi: does MySQL _without_ InnoDB compete? :)
17:24 SixThreeOh
17:24 montywi HarrisonF: Actually, the MySQL optimizer is quite sophisticated nowadays.
17:24 tpsetter thanks
17:24 Server realtime (n=sabbath@unaffiliated/realtime) hat den Kanal betreten.
17:24 tpsetter MLord: thanks
17:24 Leithal InnoDB had internal SP’s before MySQL
17:24 tpsetter if i want to do 2 days i can do INTERVAL 2 days
17:24 domas Leithal: missed that, were they pulled out, or are they still there?
17:24 montywi domas: Sun has a contract for InnoDB, that allows it to compete.
17:25 HarrisonF domas, they are still there, it is used for a lot of things with the innodb data dictionary
17:25 domas hah
17:25 * Leithal nods
17:25 Server Stoetel ( hat den Kanal betreten.
17:25 * domas kicks data dictionary
17:25 Server grainol_ ist jetzt bekannt als grainol.
17:25 * domas gets to it, slowly slowly
17:25 MLord Leithal: yep, data dictionary, FKs, SPs… you know, database stuff ;)
17:25 SixThreeOh It’s frozen on: “Waiting for master to send event”
17:25 Therion montywi: Sun’s contract doesn’t have anything to do with whether or not MySQL sans InnoDB is ever even vaguely competitive with Oracle
17:26 Server gunn0r (n=b0b@ hat den Kanal betreten.
17:26 tanj SixThreeOh: hello, there’s an error in your replication… care to read it ?
17:26 Leithal “montywi: xzilla: Neither InnoDB or BDD competes with Oracle 11g for any customer cases” o.O
17:26 SixThreeOh that’s no an error
17:26 SixThreeOh not*
17:26 SixThreeOh that table never existed in that db
17:27 Leithal montywi: perhaps you should tell the EC that! :P
17:27 SixThreeOh it shouldn’t have changed any data at all
17:27 nils_ well to be fair, InnoDB development kind of stalled
17:27 SixThreeOh it’s a mystery why the slave would even be sent such an error
17:27 domas nils: has it?
17:27 Server lmorgado_ ( hat den Kanal betreten.
17:27 SixThreeOh How can I tell it to start replicating again?
17:28 Leithal nils_: no it hasn’t
17:28 Therion SixThreeOh: cross-database query? bad replication options?
17:28 nils_ domas: well recently it has picked up, but in the time before the plugin I didn’t really see a lot from them.
17:28 tanj SixThreeOh: error : table doesn’t exist. even if no data will be changed, it’s a fatal error and the replication will stop
17:28 MLord nils_: MUCH more has been done in the last two years than was done in the previous 3
17:28 fission6 what sort of optiions are out there for middle layers to manage a sharded mysql archetecture
17:28 MLord nils_: oracle has a much bigger team working on InnoDB now than Innobase did
17:28 SixThreeOh Therion: a query tried to execute on the wrong db, nothing happened
17:28 montywi Leithal: MySQL does compete, InnoDB as a separate engine doesn’t
17:28 Server lng (n=rbo@ hat den Kanal betreten.
17:28 Server Sinogn hat IRC (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)) beendet.
17:28 tanj SixThreeOh: set global sql_slave_skip_counter=1; start slave;
17:28 Therion SixThreeOh: It wouldn’t be in the binlog unless something happened ;)
17:28 SixThreeOh That error has to be from the master
17:28 Server Sinogn (n=Dekan@ hat den Kanal betreten.
17:28 domas montywi: MySQL separately from InnoDB does not either
17:29 salle montywi: I do have my own company Salle LTD. Do you say I can certainly manage MySQL better than Oracle?
17:29 Therion montywi: MySQL without that engine does not usefully compete with Oracle
17:29 MLord montywi: if Oracle had killed InnoDB or revoked the license than MySQL would NOT compete in any real way
17:29 Therion montywi: Otherwise, you wouldn’t have spent the last however many years on Maria
17:29 fission6 oracle is going to own MySql :(
17:29 salle montywi: You know me and know I have no interest in killing it.
17:29 domas and falcon!
17:29 lng hi! is it possible to use foreign key constraint to delete data in child tables if parent row is deleted?
17:29 MLord montywi: so MySQL only supposedly competes with Oracle because they’ve let it. Ironic isn’t it?
17:29 Therion lng: yes
17:29 domas lng: cascade
17:30 fission6 SixThreeOh: show slave status; ?
17:30 lng thanx
17:30 domas damn, therion is still faster than me, after all these years of absence
17:30 SixThreeOh < here
17:30 the_XL lng: you want ON DELETE CASCADE
17:30 Server alkos333 hat IRC (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out)) beendet.
17:30 Therion domas: lol
17:30 fission6 anyone here use a shard approach with in mysql
17:30 domas fission6: a bit
17:30 lng the_XL: yea
17:30 tanj sharding
17:30 the_wench a technique used for horizontal scaling of databases. Read
17:30 xzilla fission6: sure
17:30 TodoInTX SixThreeOh: if that db doesn’t exist on the slave skip that query and move on.
17:30 Server guy ( hat den Kanal betreten.
17:31 SixThreeOh how can I tell the slave to ignore it?
17:31 guy any ideas why this would cause SQL syntax error?
17:31 guy SELECT *, (SELECT COUNT(language) FROM hp_pages p1 WHERE p1.language = AS active FROM hp_languages l1 ORDER BY active DESC AND l1.position;
17:31 SixThreeOh the table doesn’t exist on either.
17:31 Server PZt hat IRC (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)) beendet.
17:31 Server kroepke ( hat den Kanal betreten.
17:31 tanj SixThreeOh, I gave you the answer already, please move on
17:31 thumbs guy: what is the error?
17:31 guy SQLSTATE[42000]: Syntax error or access violation: 1064 You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ‘AND l1.position’
17:31 fission6 xzilla: are the tables across different db nodes or partitioned on a db?
17:31 domas syntax
17:31 the_wench DO NOT INVENT SYNTAX (well, unless you have commit rights). Just follow the syntax described in the manual. Thanks.
17:31 domas guy: ^^^
17:32 domas o dabar eik
17:32 Therion guy: presumably you want ORDER BY active DESC, l1.position
17:32 Server mr-John hat IRC (“This computer has gone to sleep”) beendet.
17:32 guy ah, this is annoying mistake I do.
17:32 thumbs guy: ORDER BY col1, col2
17:32 CorticalStack guy: referencing an alias in your subquery that doesn’t exist
17:32 Therion guy: it is! you should be ashamed. probably push old people down stairs.
17:32 guy that worked, thank you thumbs, Therion.
17:32 Server tcdarow hat IRC (“Nettalk6 –”) beendet.
17:33 xzilla fission6: i think i have done it both ways
17:33 xzilla fission6: but most recent was different db nodes
17:33 montywi MLord: No, MySQL competes with Oracle because we are in the same market. Oracle buying InnoDB didn’t change that (We had a contract for many years that allows us to continue to sell licenses)
17:33 Server ajm ( hat den Kanal betreten.
17:33 nils_ montywi: with no way for Oracle to kill InnoDB?
17:33 fission6 you think heh? my question being from a mysql how do i make it transparent to developers to write queries and have them execute on the right db nodes within a sharded achetcture
17:33 MLord montywi: Our original license agreement ended AFTER they bought Innobase. You know that!
17:33 Server daemoen hat IRC (Remote closed the connection) beendet.
17:33 domas fission6: generally you don’t
17:34 xzilla fission6: you dont
17:34 domas fission6: but there’re some people who try to make it
17:34 montywi nils_: they could stop developing it yes; They would however have to fix bugs.
17:34 domas montywi: for how many years?
17:34 SixThreeOh tanj thanks.
17:34 MLord montywi: at the very least they could have let it idle or die, which they didn’t.
17:34 montywi If the would stopped developing it, then MySQL could have caused a fork
17:34 xzilla domas: well yes, you can do it how skype did it, but I dont think there is a way to do it in mysql (not with any level of complex app anyway)
17:35 Server TeeMist hat IRC (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out)) beendet.
17:35 MLord montywi: exactly! The only problem is that dual licensing couldn’t be used….
17:35 Server tpsetter hat IRC (“Get MacIrssi –”) beendet.
17:35 MLord montywi: it sounds like you’re arguing against yourself
17:35 montywi domas: you mean licenses? For 4 years, but they extended the contract after negotiations with us
17:35 xzilla montywi: istm that innodb has actually seen more development than any other table engine between the time oracle purchased it and now
17:35 montywi MLord: they used InnoDb to stop us from growing, and they where very successful with that
17:36 Leithal xzilla: that is true
17:36 montywi xzilla: no
17:36 Leithal balls
17:36 Therion montywi: We grew enormously after their purchase. You’re not even playing in reality, here.
17:36 xzilla montywi: mysql grew under Sun, how can you say they stopped you from growing?!?
17:36 MLord montywi: how so? that makes no sense
17:36 montywi All the new storage engines, PBXT, Calpoint, Infobright is doing much more
17:36 Therion No trolling here
17:36 domas Therion: did you hire xzillla?
17:36 Therion Take it somewhere else
17:36 MLord montywi: if you’re going by the… what do people call it… oh yeah, facts.
17:36 montywi xzilla: I meant before Sun
17:36 domas montywi: PBXT is not usable for disk-bound workloads, calpoint and infobright are not OLTP
17:37 TodoInTX montywi: a meteor could fall from the sky and kill me today, doesn’t mean that I have any proof that it will.
17:37 Therion domas: alas, no
17:37 Therion domas: do you want a job?!
17:37 MLord montywi: yeah, they’re doing much more… ok
17:37 montywi it still got more development done than InnoDB and it’s slowly getting there
17:37 domas Therion: I still got mine!
17:37 Server Kai hat IRC (“Leaving…”) beendet.
17:37 Therion domas: tell me how I can change that!
17:37 Server Flusher- ist jetzt bekannt als Flusher.
17:37 MLord montywi: they all suck, they need more work :)
17:37 LinuxJedi domas: we still need a new cluster guy ;)
17:37 domas LinuxJedi: I hear that
17:37 Server FFForever-Away ist jetzt bekannt als FFForever.
17:38 domas hey, if I worked for mysql again, I couldn’t do ‘product testing’ in farmville
17:38 Server FFForever hat den Kanal (“Leaving”) verlassen.
17:38 domas unless of course zynga has a support contract!
17:38 Server freebsd_fan\work hat IRC (“Why is the alphabet in that order? Is it because of that song?”) beendet.
17:38 LinuxJedi domas: you could play chess like geert ;)
17:38 SixThreeOh is it possible to roll back replicating some events?
17:38 domas sixthreeoh: everything is roll-forward
17:38 MLord LinuxJedi: you mean greet?
17:38 Therion what do you think this is, Oracle?
17:38 ronsel geert just takes some pictures …
17:39 SixThreeOh well great I’ll have to totally re-setup the replication then
17:39 Server km ( hat den Kanal betreten.
17:39 LinuxJedi MLord: ??
17:39 Therion [raymond]: p i n g
17:39 Server Cymage_ (n=james@unaffiliated/cymage) hat den Kanal betreten.
17:39 Server the_XL hat IRC (“Leaving”) beendet.
17:39 SixThreeOh I didn’t realise skip event skipped all events
17:39 fission6 domas: how would a developr know what box the query should run on?
17:40 Server Cymage ist jetzt bekannt als Cybercop.
17:40 Server Cymage_ ist jetzt bekannt als Cymage.
17:40 domas fission6: by calling ShardManager::getShardByXXXId()
17:40 pgalbraith hi all
17:40 the_wench oh hai pgalbraith
17:40 TodoInTX SixThreeOh: if there are differences on the slave and master you can use mk_table_sync to repair those.
17:40 TodoInTX without restoring the whole slave from backup.
17:40 fission6 domas: what manages the ShardManager?
17:40 MLord hi pgalbraith
17:40 domas fission6: ShardManagerManager of course
17:40 fission6 is thta something within mysql or a 3rd party tool
17:40 TodoInTX SixThreeOh:
17:40 domas fission6: that is something you write. =)
17:40 TodoInTX wrong page…
17:41 domas fission6: sharding nearly always is deep within app logic
17:41 fission6 what about mysql proxy or spock proxy(sp?)
17:41 MLord I sharted once
17:41 LinuxJedi domas: you coming to the UC this year?
17:41 TodoInTX SixThreeOh:
17:41 xzilla MLord: eww
17:41 domas linuxjedi: yup!
17:41 pgalbraith MLord : hey there ! I see you connected with tim lord
17:41 fission6 is sharding even worth it
17:41 Server senk ( hat den Kanal betreten.
17:41 domas linuxjedi: and I don’t even have to do a talk to come!!!!